Solo Guitar

Guitar Ensemble

  • Kawartha Sketches (2012-2015) for guitar quartet (sheet music) (listen)
  • Dark Dwellings (2018) for solo electric guitar and guitar ensemble. Commissioned by the Guitare Alla Grande Festival, Canada. (listen)

Guitar + other instruments

  • Cities of Memory (2018-19) commissioned by Trio Tangere (two guitars and violin) with funding from the Canada Council for the Arts.
  • Juxtapositions (2018-19) for guitar and marimba. Commissioned by Daniel Ramjattan and Naoko Tsujita. (listen)
  • The Shrovetide Blues (2018) for violin and guitar. Commissioned by Duo46.
  • In Transit (2017) for guitar, clarinet, and marimba. Commissioned by 10-string guitarist Julian Bertino. Six-string version available only. (sheet music)
  • Three Scenes (2016-17) for 4 guitars and string orchestra. (sheet music) (listen)

* If you are interested in a piece that is not published by Les Productions d’Oz, please contact me by email ( so I can arrange to send you a PDF copy of the music.