Guitar Solo

Caprice No. 1 (2017) – This first caprice is a burst of lush harmonies that are contained in a rhythmic framework of odd meters and shifting accents.  As one would expect, it is short and demands some virtuosic flare from the player.


Caprice No. 2 (2017) – This caprice features octatonic flavoured scales and is a bit of a nod to the short guitar pieces by John Weinzweig.


Caprice No. 3 (2017-18) – Another caprice in four sharps.  Extensive use of open-string resonance and campanella effects dominate this piece while it alternates between symmetrical phrases in odd meters and asymmetrical phrases in simple meters.


Caprice No. 4 (2018) – The use of a capo in this caprice gives more brilliance and ‘lift’ to the overall sound, but it also provides more clarity to the rhythmic ideas.


Caprice No. 5 (2018) – The last in the set and perhaps the most accessible.

Evocation (2015) – Demo recording.  This two-movement piece (slow/fast) includes the use of a de-tuned sixth string (E-flat), which produces some really nice sonorities.  The score is available here.


Along the Coastline (2012)A short, celtic-inspired piece.  This demo is on alto guitar Included in ‘Vignettes Vol. 1‘.


The Ides of April (2013) – This short and somewhat melancholic piece includes the use of lush, extended harmonies and is a nice send off at the end of a concert.  Included in ‘Vignettes Vol. 1‘.


Guitar Quartet

Kawartha Sketches (2013-2015) – This is a montage of excerpts from all six sketches of the collection.  They are performed here by guitarists Nicolas Migneault, Jean-Philip Savard, Christ Habib, and Félix Dallaire.  The score is available here.



Three Scenes for guitar quartet and strings (2016) – Excerpts from the first performance in April 2017.  Please visit my blog for more background on the piece.  Score and parts are available here.