Craig is an active composer with a broad range of experience.  His preferred medium is the classical guitar, but he has written for various chamber ensembles, string orchestra, and choir.

Here’s his catalogue so far:




Evocation (2015) ca. 7:00 mins.

I – Summoning

II – Awakening

Interlude (for Nathan and Alex) (2015) ca. 2:30 mins.

A Rose (for Emily) (2015) ca. 2:00 mins.

The Ides of April (2013) ca. 3:00 mins.

Along the Coastline (2012) ca. 3:00 mins.



Kawartha Sketches (2013-2015) ca. 20 mins.

I – Dyno Road

II – The Lake

III – Sun, Salt, and Lime

IV – Swarming

V – Fireside Waltz

VI – Departure

Oscuridad (2014) ca. 4:00 mins.


Guitar and String Orchestra

Three Scenes for Guitar Quartet and Strings:

Scenes from The Life of Lev Sergeyevich Termen (2016) ca. 15 mins.

I – New York, New York

II – Kolyma, 1939

III – The Red City

* commissioned for the 2018 Guitare Alla Grande Festival in the National Capital Region.

String Quartet

Sevilla (2011) ca. 4:00 mins.


String Orchestra

The Red Fields (2011) ca. 5:30 mins.

*winner of the Blue Bridge Festival’s Mary Gardiner Composition Prize


Choir and Chamber Orchestra

Eventide (2012) ca 5:00 mins.

* commissioned by the Ingersoll Choral Society for their 2012 season.