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Mid-Summer Update

Here’s a nice and short mid-summer update on what I’ve been up to.

I’m looking forward to getting back to performing this fall with a series of concerts through southern Ontario with my partner, guitarist Emily Shaw.  We’re preparing a program of solo pieces as well as new duo pieces, which should be a nice variety for audiences and a nice change of pace for us as performers.  I will be performing Omar Daniel’s deeply moving Piangiamo quel crudel basciare as well as my own music.  Emily will be playing some Bach, Emilia Guiliani, and Patrick Roux’s Valse Vertigo.  The duo should be lots of fun too – for that we’re preparing Guiliani, Ravel, Debussy and American composer Nathan Kolosko.  Concert dates will be posted very soon.

I’m happy to say that my Three Scenes for Guitar Quartet and Strings was recently completed and is ready for the next phase of edits, fingerings, and piano reduction arranging.  I’m very much anticipating the eventual performance of this piece.  Unfortunately the planned performance at the 2017 Alla Grande festival has been postponed due to schedule conflicts with the orchestra, but there is the possibility that a performance of the piano reduction will be organized by a colleague of mine at the University of Ottawa this coming year.

Finally, I have been getting more involved with the Ottawa Guitar Society’s new initiatives for the coming season.  I’m excited to be directing the inaugural season of the Ottawa Guitar Society Orchestra as well as coordinating the first composition competition for young composers.  If you are in the Ottawa area and are interested in either of these, please contact me for more details or visit the OGS website.  We’re looking for more people for the orchestra and would love to see more submissions for the competition.

That’s all for now.  Off for a long weekend camping trip with friends!

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