Happy New Year!

I hope everyone reading this has a great year in 2016…here’s what I’m preparing for this year.

New Commission for 2017:

I’m very pleased to announce that I’ve been commissioned to write a piece for the Thirteen Strings chamber orchestra plus guitar ensemble for the Guitare Alla Grande Festival here in the capital region in 2017.  I’m still in my planning stages, but I will share what details I know.

As I mentioned, the piece will include a guitar ensemble and the Thirteen Strings chamber orchestra (under the baton of Kevin Mallon) and will feature the guitar ensemble in a kind of concerto grosso style.  I’m toying with the concept of basing the piece off of life of the famous Russian scientist and inventor, Lev Sergeyvich Termen, or Leon Theremin as he was known in the States.  The movements will essentially follow a ‘scenes from the life’concept, which could be quite exciting and colourful given that Dr. Termen led such an exciting and colourful life.  What sparked my interested in using this man as the subject for this piece was my recent reading of the book Us Conductors by Sean Michaels.  The book follows Termen’s life through his many inventions, forays into espionage, his love affairs, and his time as a political prisoner.  Michaels’ take on Termen’s story gives a deeply personal and moving account of Termen’s love affair with the musician, Clara Rockmore, which is the thread that ties the story together.  Anyway, Us Conductors is a great read and highly recommended.


Ottawa Guitar Society Orchestra:

The Ottawa Guitar Society is currently re-vamping a lot of its operations and bringing together like-minded players, teachers, and enthusiasts to give the society a much needed boost.  I’m happy to say that I’ll likely be directing the community guitar orchestra along with the help of other interested and eager players/teachers from the area.  We’re looking to start in the fall of 2016 and hope to put on two concerts each season (December and May).  Please get in touch with me or follow the link below if you are interested in contributing to the orchestra or the society.




Please see the Upcoming Events page to get information on upcoming performances in 2016.  In short, there will be a few opportunities to hear my music performed at Guitare Alla Grande in February.  In addition, my recital program in April will feature some more of my music along with other Canadian composers.  I’m going to keep this Canadian-themed program around for the next few years for concerts and hope to take it on some short tours in the near future.

Stay tuned for more!